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Arch Book End

Arch Book End

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  • Handmade item (QTY 1)
  • Materials: Epoxy/Resin 
  • Made to Order- Different colors optional. Flowers must be provided for flower preservation 
  • Items are not refundable 

Each piece is 100% unique and 1 of a kind! They are great for gifts!

Turn your special flowers into works of art that lasts a lifetime! Our team of experts can transform your flowers into bookends. Our bookends offer an innovative way to reminisce on special memories in your life while adding a personal touch to your home decor. Bookends add that romantic dreamy touch to any personal library as well as functionally hold your books.

Each bookend is personalized to your vision for your flowers, and we provide you a detailed journey for your flowers along the preservation process.  It is our honor to preserve your flowers and we take pride in our meticulous and efficient artistry.


- All items are made to order. Therefore not all will look exactly the same as the listing photo. Resin is impossible to duplicate and each piece is unique.
- Resin is reflective and some photos might show reflections that are viewed as flaws or different colors. Please view all photos.

Please allow 10-15 days for your item to be made. Epoxy resin dries completely after three days and some items take two to three resin coats. Your order will be completed in the order it is received and may take less time depending on how many orders are pending. It happens that a batch is flawed and I need to redo it for you. I want to make sure that the quality of your order is absolutely perfect. If you need to receive your order to by a certain date, please let me know and add expedite shipping.

- Please do not Put your board in the dishwasher
- Please do not Rub any abrasive materials on your epoxy resin
- Please do not Place any hot pots or plates onto your resin
- Please do not cut on top of your resin top.
- Keep all resin products out of direct sunlight to prevent fading of color.

All items are handmade, and each piece is one of a kind. The photos are a reference to the item you will receive. We cannot control any bubbles or imperfections in the resin or flowers after preservation. We do our best to mitigate with our expertise but all flowers react differently in resin. Red flowers will become darker burgundy, orange flowers may turn more yellow and some white flowers become translucent.

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